Butcher Block Countertops

October 1, 2021 | Butcher Block Countertops, Countertop Trends, Kitchen Countertops

Butcher Block countertops offer your kitchen a warm and inviting look. If you’ve been thinking of giving your kitchen a refresh, we’d love to help. Let’s look closer at one such option—butcher block counters.

One of the benefits of choosing butcher block for your counters is the multiple choices available to you when it comes to colors. Whether you prefer something light in color like beech, birch, or ash or lean towards a richer hue such as walnut or acacia with a mineral oil stain, you’re bound to find a solution. Maple is a popular choice as well as cherry. It’s hard to argue with nature when it comes to gorgeous design and color.

Benefits of having a butcher block counter:

  • Non-warping when kiln-dried wood is used
  • Easy to maintain (reseal) and repair if needed
  • Great working surface, whether on a smaller area like an island or larger one such as replacing all your kitchen countertop surfaces
  • Budget-friendly, lower cost than purchasing granite countertops

Complementary colors that go with wood tones:

Color choices for backsplashes, walls, cabinets, or flooring come down to your desired effect. Do you want a dramatic contrast, like the sharpness of black and white, or do you prefer something more symbiotic such as earth tones all working together?

Think of the tones in the wood, if there’s an orange hue, you can go more for a blue or moss green for higher contrast, where a warm red would work with the hue to offer a more drama-free style. Your accent trim or backsplash can offer you an opportunity to really showcase your personality.

How to care for butcher block countertops

One thing to keep in mind when choosing butcher block for your counters is that they’re a softer choice than granite. There may be a bit of minimal upkeep which will allow your counters to remain in their best condition for years to come.

To care for your butcher block counters, you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

  • Overtime, knives may leave behind nicks, which can be sanded out to offer a fresh new surface top (using a cutting board will solve this issue)
  • Resealing the counter yearly will help maintain its strength and look
  • To clean the counter, you can either use plain soap and water, or diluted bleach or vinegar to help clean and deodorize

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, there are a lot of ways to keep your budget in check. If you’re not up for a total remodel, consider adding new counters and backsplashes. If you’re looking for a less expensive option than granite and quartz, butcher block may be just what you’re looking for. It’s user friendly, offers a warm tone to your kitchen, and offers a more affordable option.

We’ve had the pleasure of designing and installing new kitchens, as well as doing work more limited in scope such as changing out backsplashes for a great new accent, or countertops for a quick update. There are multiple ways to freshen up an older design without having to break the bank. We’d love to discuss all the options available to you.

If you live in the Greater Toledo, Ohio area, we’re the go-to resource for replacing counter tops and backsplashes. We’d would love to answer your questions, so feel free to give us a call. We’ve done work in areas such as Maumee, Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Sylvania and more.

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