Counters: Upgrading Your Kitchen’s Unique Design

July 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

How exciting! You’re updating your kitchen and are finally getting new kitchen countertops. Now that you’ve decided to make the change, one of the first things you probably wrangled with was what type of counters to get. Between granite countertops, quartz countertops, and other choices like butcher block countertops, there was a lot to consider. Now what?

That depends on what style suits your wants and needs. Do you like blended neutrals, a nice pop of contrast, or something in between? Color theory plays a bigger role in the final design that most people understand. Let’s take a brief look at the main ideas.

When designing your kitchen, you’ll want to think about whether it’s a space that’s calming and soothing, a gathering place full of vibrant discussion and fun-food making, or is it a family space that just has to do the job? Personality and ideas all mesh together to give the space a unique feel.

For a Neutral Feel, Think of Complementary Colors

If you prefer the look of a calm, soothing and neutral environment, you might want to use something that’s considered complementary or secondary colors. In this instance, you might choose sandstone coloring or more muted shades of countertop to go with your light wood cabinets.

If you have darker cabinets, like those stained mahogany or almost an espresso color, you may prefer a monochromatic look. To match these, choose dark countertops in deep burgundy, black, or strong greens and blues.

Looking for Contrast?

Contrasting colors are opposite facing on the color wheel, which means you’ll have a stronger visual between the two. If you’re looking for more of a statement, you’d do the exact opposite of what was just described in the section on complementary colors.

Look at how navy blue and white have a strong impact when seen together, versus red and orange, which are more similar and are considered complementary. Stop signs use red with white lettering, because they need to catch your eye. They are bright, bold, and contrasting colors.

Consider dark counters against light cabinets. The accent or pop of color can give your kitchen an entirely new and fresh feel. There’s no right or wrong answer, simply what is appealing to you as a homeowner.

Now, if you’re about to sell your home, you may want to check what the latest trends are and use that toward your advantage.

What about Blending Shades?

What about tertiary colors? That means you’re not only going a shade over on the color-wheel but including yet another similar shade. Think of how you’ll sometimes see a chair with multiple shades of brown in it. They are tertiary colors, all grouped together. In this instance, you may have more of a theme of colors you’re working with.

Rather than highlighting contrast in your counters, maybe you wanted to do that with a backsplash or artwork. Your eye is drawn to the different colors, if most are similar. Just like seeing a bright red door on the front of a white home, it’s your accent.

Lighting is another thing to consider when redesigning elements of your kitchen upgrade. How will the light play off the counters? Do you want them to have a warm feel or be vibrant and bold?

Understanding how you use the space, the way you want it to feel, warm and inviting, exciting and impactful, or something in between, the colors that you choose play an important piece into the puzzle of the overall look and design.

When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen counters or even backsplashes, we’d love to be the ones to help. We’ve been helping your neighbors all over the Greater Toledo, Ohio area in areas like Maumee, Bowling Green, Sylvania, among others, and would be happy to add you to our family of clients.

If you’ve got any questions regarding kitchen countertops, whether it has to do with materials such as quartz countertops, granite, or other styles, or aren’t sure what colors would work best in your kitchen, give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out.