How to Choose Countertops

January 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you’ve been thinking about updating your countertops or refreshing your kitchen with a new look, there are a couple of ways you can make a big impact. Whether you get new appliances, reface your cabinets, paint your kitchen, or get new countertops or backsplashes, those small shifts can make a big difference.

When choosing countertops, there are a couple of details you’ll want to consider. While many people focus on the color they want, considering the durability of your chosen material is one place where it pays to know your products. In the 70s many of us grew up with Formica countertops, which offered a wide variety of colors, but the durability and sophistication was somewhat lacking.

Today’s most popular countertop materials come down to choices like granite and quartz. Trendy and soothing earth tones became the colors of choice which natural granite offers. The pop of orange and avocado green or harvest gold had smothered us in our youth, and as adults we hoped to find something that was less jarring. Earth tones are a safe, neutral choice, but not everybody is looking for neutral.

It’s not just color you need to consider, and trends come and go. Look at stainless appliances—everybody wanted them after all we’d seen for a long time were white, black, and almond. The shimmer drew the eye, but also unfortunately just as many fingerprints. Good thing they’ve improved the surfaces, so those fingerprints aren’t quite as glaring. And yet, here we are seeing non-stainless appliances making a comeback.

Just like appliances, things change. Countertops are no exception. Let’s face it, earth tones were everywhere, and we do mean everywhere. We were left with carbon copies of kitchens, and a lack of personalized expression. Now, with the ability to add custom colors and resin to crushed quartz, families can define their kitchen look to their specific wants and needs.

Quartz and granite countertops are popular for a reason. They offer a sophisticated style, all while still giving you the strong durability you expect.

What else might you want to keep in mind when thinking about upgrading your countertops?
How porous are the materials?
How well are they sealed?

When searching countertop materials, know that even strong products aren’t unbreakable. Be aware of:
Scratching potential
Stain and burn permeability

Choosing counters with your budget in mind
On a budget? There are still a lot of excellent options. Take for example a comparison of granite and quartz. While you may lean toward the look of granite, you can have something quite similar by choosing quartz countertops. You get amazing durability, a massive selection of choices, and a better price.

They are both stone, though they’ve been created differently. Granite is removed from the earth and quarries in large slabs. With nature, you take what it gives you, including the limited colors and designs. With quartz, because they ground the stone and mix it with resin, you have the same strong product, but are able to find more variety, all while saving money.

One last important detail
The other thing to consider when looking at countertops is to make sure you have a professional installer help. It may seem like it’s a project you could do yourself, but that’s because you’re not trained to see the details that matter. Besides wanting your counters to be level, you’ll need to make sure they are standardized around your cabinets and appliances, along with any backsplashes you’re working with.

When you’re ready to look at the full range of countertop options, be sure to give us a call. We’d love to discuss the project with you and help you understand what’s involved. If you’re in the Greater Toledo area, have confidence in knowing that we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and customer service.

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