Is it Time to Upgrade Your Countertops?

December 15, 2021 | Countertop Trends, Kitchen Countertops

While we often update kitchen counters for decorative changes, there are things worth considering before you jump in. Take a good look at your countertops for things like wear and tear, material breakdown, or cracks in the surface, which may harbor bacteria.

Another reason to think about changing your countertops is if you’re looking to increase the value of your home. Are you about to put your house on the market? An outdated kitchen will draw the price of your home down and turn away potential buyers.

With these things in mind, it can be tempting to look for quick fixups if money is tight. Consider countertops as an investment, as they’ll help refurbish the look and design of your kitchen and be well worth the upgrade.
For the best quality workmanship, trust a professional installer to do the job right. This isn’t a place for the do-it-yourself crowd. While it may seem simple at first glance—you have a flat surface—you need to account for things like fixtures, odd seams, and varying counter dimensions. There’s more to it than meets the eye!

While updating your counters, consider the backsplash area as well. Tackling these two areas together is the perfect combination of giving your kitchen a look you’ll love while freshening its aesthetics.

Another thing you may not have thought about is the removal of your current countertops, along with their disposal. There are challenges for different materials, whether you have butcher block counter tops or granite.
Lastly, if you simply don’t have it in your budget to replace your counters, consider rehabbing them with a new surface. Be aware of materials, colors, and designs, so you don’t end up dating your kitchen based on a passing trend.

When choosing new materials, you’ll want to consider upkeep. For example, butcher block counters need to be sealed regularly. Granite, while extremely durable can acquire scratches if not treated with care. Knowing the proper ways to maintain, clean, and work with different counter materials is key in keeping your counter tops looking their best for years to come.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some cleansers can degrade the sealer used on the countertop. Be sure to follow the recommended methods when cleaning your counters to keep them as pristine as when they’re first installed.

Some cleansers have abrasives in them and can create micro scratches that not only break down the sealant but can leave areas prone to holding onto bacteria. If you have granite counters, be sure to use cleaners that are specific to this material. The time you spend learning the proper way to clean your counters means they’ll last that much longer and offer you the quality and look that you love.

Countertops and backsplashes are what we do. You can relax, knowing you’re working with a professional and qualified installer. We offer experience and expertise when it comes to replacing and renewing your kitchen.

If you’re in the market for new counter tops, rest assure, we love helping our Ohio neighbors refresh and replace their counters. We work with butcher block, granite, as well as quartz countertops. Whatever your needs, we’d love to get you started. Did you know we’ve replaced counters all over the Greater Toledo region? We’ve replaced counters in areas such as Bowling Green, Sylvania, Maumee, and Perrysburg. We’d love to add you to our list of happy and satisfied customers.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s involved in upgrading your counters, or are looking for an estimate, be sure to call us today. We’d be happy to discuss the varying materials available, talk backsplashes, and help you understand what is currently trending in kitchen designs.
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