Countertop Materials


Quartz is a real show-stopping countertop.

Its crystal-like quality and unmatched colors are what make this countertop so desirable. Quartz doesn’t need sealing, unlike other porous stones.

Quartz is a natural product with man made additives to give it a more consistent texture and added durability.

Quickly becoming a homeowners favorite, Quartz allows for the creativity of the homeowner to come alive. It comes in a wide variety of rich colors and patterns for any type of countertop need.


Granite countertops are carefully created with durability in mind.

Granite is the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home. Granite is our most popular seller because of its deep and rich colors, patterns, and variety.

The nature of granite allows the stone to be “everyday life-proof.” It is preventative to heat as well but needs to be resealed periodically. Granite comes at a cost, but with beyond well worth its qualities, and stunningly persistent nature.

Granite is completely natural which means it is more prone to imperfections. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you need a sturdy and reliable countertop that can handle your hectic day-to-day life, Granite is the countertop for you.

Ready to make your dream
countertops a reality?

Quartz and Granite countertops range from $50/sf – $100/sf depending on product type and color. This is an installed cost meaning it includes labor, materials, and installation.

Both Quartz and Granite add value and beauty to your home so you really cant go wrong with either.

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