Quartz Countertops: Modern Luxury for Toledo & NW Ohio Homes

Why Quartz Countertops are a Favorite in Toledo

The performance and durability of engineered surfaces are one of a kind. This countertop product begins with the finest quartz crystals, one of nature’s hardest minerals, which are then combined with polyester resins and pigments to create the look of natural stone without the high maintenance.

With a quartz countertop, you truly get the best of both worlds – beauty and function.

Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz is non-­porous, so it never needs sealing, conditioning or polishing. And, quartz countertops are engineered to stand up to the rigors of today’s busy lifestyles, offering a scratch-­resistant, stain-­resistant surface that also resists mold and mildew, making it both durable and hygienic.

Quartz counters have grown in popularity. While many love the look of granite counters, some people want something with a design or color that nature can’t offer. When it comes to custom countertops and counter top trends, quartz counters are a perfect choice. In fact, one of the best aspects of quartz countertops is the incredible array of choice you have, on top of which, quartz counters offer amazing durability.

Another favorite reason people choose quartz counters comes down to the affordability factor. They offer a similar look to granite, but at a more affordable price. When you want a highly customized color or design, quartz is the natural choice we recommend. Are you looking for new countertops? Toledo, Ohio residents turn to us when they’re ready, and we’ve helped many of your friends and neighbors. We’d love to add you to our family of happy customers and look forward to working with you. Contact us today and let’s talk countertops.


Exploring Our Quartz Varieties: From Subtle to Striking

Are you wondering about the difference between quartz counters and quartzite counters? They sound similar, but they have a few unique qualities about them.

For instance, quartz counters are molded and then shaped, while quartzite countertops use the dimensions in your kitchen or bathroom and is cut to the precise size you need.

How is it Produced?

Another difference worth noting is how they’re produced. Quartzite uses natural stone, while quartz is engineered by adding crushed quartz with products like resin, though Quartz counters may be a tad more durable overall.

This comes down to the materials and porousness. One way to counter this is by properly sealing your quartzite counters more regularly which creates a seal you can rely on.

If you’d like to know more about quartz counters and quartzite countertops, contact us today.

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