Trends in Counter Tops and Kitchens

September 7, 2021 | Countertop Trends, Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to trends in counter tops, granite used to lead the pack. Today, consumers are seeking new materials and options in a means to personalize their kitchen. They want a new look, with cost-saving measures.

That’s where the popularity of quartz counter tops come in. More people are choosing quartz over granite, due to the unique benefits quartz offers the homeowner. Prior to the change in trends, people were left with a handful of color choices when it came to granite.

Granite is a natural material that comes out of the quarry as is. That means that you can polish and shine it up, but you don’t have the option to add a unique color or design. With granite, you get a slab exactly as the earth makes it, nothing more, nothing less.

That’s one of the aspects that makes quartz counter tops so appealing. People love to personalize their space. Whether you’re looking for a great accent color, something shiny or matte, or something with a different pattern you can get that look with quartz.

Here are a few things worth noting when it comes to quartz counters:

  • Quartz counters are more affordable than their counterpart – granite
  • They’re easy to clean and keep clean due to their non-porous make-up, which helps eliminate potential bacteria issues
  • Customization offers you multiple color choices, designs, and even how glossy or matte you’d like the surface to be
  • Strong and durable, quartz uses natural stone combined with a polymer resin, which creates a super strong and durable surface you can rely on to remain in tip-top shape
  • There isn’t a need to seal quartz counters like you’ll find with other options such as butcher-block counter tops

Tiled Backsplashes Make Great Accents

A quick and easy way to change up your kitchen without breaking the bank is to update your backsplash. Whether you’re looking to free yourself from years of earth tones and want something a little bolder or are looking for ways to add a splash of color for a quick rehab, backsplashes are a great place to start.

Consider painted or wallpapered wall spaces that sit between cabinets and countertops. Years ago, people used their counters, such as Formica, as an extension onto the backsplash area. The issue this caused was a monotone appearance. So, maybe you’ve already replaced those old-styled counters with granite or quartz and are hoping to refresh the rest of the kitchen without having to do a full remodel.

Choosing a glass tiled backsplash accent can really bring an air of warmth, a pop of color, or even a new contrast to your kitchen. Another popular option for backsplashes is the subway tile look. Use this narrow space to brighten your kitchen, or maybe add an artsy flair. You can add subtle shade changes, contrast, or complementary hues and pick up other colors, whether from your kitchen floor, light fixtures or even appliances.

You’re probably in your kitchen more than ever these days, with the pandemic keeping so many of us at home. Why not revitalize the look of your kitchen with an easy fix, rather than displacing everybody and everything for a complete remodel? No need to tear out cabinets you already like and do the job, when really you just want a new design. That’s when getting creative with a backsplash, whether mosaic glass, subway tiles, or even something else comes in.

You’re in luck. We can help you by offering different designs, colors, and ideas and are happy to answer all of your questions before getting started. Contact us today regarding your countertop replacement in Toledo, Perrysburg, and Maumee, and let’s put some pizazz back in your kitchen.