What to Consider When Getting Bathroom Counters

May 13, 2021 | Bathroom Countertops

The quality of your bathroom countertops can significantly affect the appearance of the room. Aside from the costs involved, your bathroom countertops can influence your mood for the entire day. But with the number of materials available for bathroom counters, do you know which to consider when choosing one?

To help you come up with an answer to this question, make sure to consider the following when getting bathroom countertops.


Before you head out and look for different materials for your bathroom counters, think about where you’re going to place them. The location of your bathroom countertops can help determine the ideal material to use.

If you’re going to place your bathroom countertops near the sink, tub, shower, or other wet areas, it’s best to use granite or quartz. These materials are durable, as they can withstand moisture and water. Moreover, bathroom countertops made from granite or quartz don’t lose their shine even when regularly exposed to water.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re planning to place bathroom countertops far from wet areas, wood or laminate countertops are ideal. These materials are inexpensive and come in a huge range of patterns and colors.

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The Overall Color of Your Bathroom

The appearance of your bathroom can significantly influence your mood for the day. A cluttered bathroom can drain your positive energy and cause a lot of stress. Your bathroom should be your sanctuary to relax, but you won’t be able to stay calm in the room if it’s unappealing.

Another factor to consider when getting bathroom countertops is the overall color of your bathroom. You can pick a color that matches the overall theme of your bathroom to create a monotonous look. For instance, if your bathroom has shades of blue all over, you can pick bathroom countertops in a lighter or darker hue.

We have you covered. Browse our gallery for inspiration.

You can also choose to install bathroom counters that contrast the color of your bathroom. White bathroom countertops will look good if you have an all-black bathroom, and grey bathroom countertops work well in an all-white bathroom.

Regardless of if you want your bathroom countertops to match or contrast with the existing colors of your bathroom, quartz and granite are still great options. As mentioned, these materials come in different colors and textures, making it easier for you to choose something that suits your design preferences.


Bathroom countertops will cost you considerable money up front, which is why you should make sure that they last for the longest time possible. Bathroom countertops that require a lot of time and effort to maintain will likely cause stress and pour your investment down the drain, especially if you live a busy lifestyle.

When choosing bathroom countertops, make sure to pick materials that are easy to maintain, like granite or quartz. The less maintenance your bathroom countertops require, the easier it’ll be for you to clean them and keep them in tiptop condition!

Work With Professionals

Choosing bathroom countertops is an important decision because it affects the quality of your life in the long run. An unappealing bathroom can turn your mood sour and even make you grumpy.

Besides taking note of the tips from this article, don’t forget to ask for help from professionals before remodeling your bathroom. They can provide advice so you’ll end up choosing bathroom countertops perfect for your needs and budget!

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